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Huduct Screenshot

The Huducts were the former masters of the Anubians.

Biology Edit

The Huducts were red-eyed, purple-skinned humanoids with appendages on their chins.

Technology Edit

The Huducts mind-controlled the Anubians using Torcs worn on the head. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

History Edit

Thousands of years before 2050, the Huducts ruled over the Anubians for millennia. K9 went and freed the Anubians. He left the Huducts and the Anubians to reconcile in peace. However this did not last and the Anubians enslaved the Huducts, who wore the Torcs on their necks. The Anubians went on to control a vast empire, using the Huduct headbands to control conquered species. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

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