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Hugh Haggerty (alias the Silver Bullet) was a fictional character in The Silver Bullet, a comic book created by Clyde Langer.

During the day, Hugh Haggerty was a mechanic who lived in Blood River City. He mended dishwashers and fixed drains. At night he became the superhero the Silver Bullet, who protected the city from danger and helped the police to catch criminals. Haggerty hated guns.

History Edit

One night, the Silver Bullet was watching two thieves who were stealing several things and were putting these things into a van. Just when the thieves said that they would get ten thousand each, the Silver Bullet was jumping from a skyscraper onto the van. The thieves tried to shoot at the Silver Bullet but weren't able to hit him. Then the Silver Bullet captured the thieves, left them to the police and escaped.

The Silver Bullet (character)

Hugh Haggerty as the Silver Bullet. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet)

He hid behind a wall and watched the police. When a police officer said that he wanted to meet the Silver Bullet and say thanks to him, the Silver Bullet thought that this was never going to happen, because he had to keep his secrets.

A minute later, he changed back into Hugh Haggerty. He started to work as a mechanic when he heard a female voice screaming. He changed back into the Silver Bullet.

At the crime scene, a female reporter was caught by two criminals. She did some research about the criminals which they didn't like. They wanted to bring her to their boss, because they wanted to find out how much she knew about an assassination attempt. Then the Silver Bullet arrived, hit one of the thieves and saved the reporter from the criminals.

Later, the reporter asked if she could get an exclusive interview with the Silver Bullet, because the world would like to know about him. The Silver Bullet told her that he couldn't do it because he couldn't stop his work. Everywhere he goes there was someone who was in trouble, needed saving and the bad guys at Blood River City needed to know that they would be stopped by him. Then the Silver Bullet left to watch over his city.

Abilities Edit

The Silver Bullet could jump from great heights, like skyscrapers, without being harmed. He had super strength and could defeat many enemies at once. Furthermore, he was super fast and could escape gun shots. Besides this he could also hear very good. He heard it from far away when criminals attacked a victim. (COMIC: The Silver Bullet)