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Lord Procurator Huldah was the ruler of the Kirithons. In addition to his usual duties, he collaborated with the Panjistri to provide Kirithons and space travellers for the God Machine. When the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived on Kirith, he warned Raphael to stay away from them. He secretly tried to kill the Doctor for uncovering the truth behind his people's history. When the Kirithons who had learned the truth stirred up unrest by cutting off the zavát and power supplies and spreading the truth to others, Huldah's assistant, Revna, manipulated the situation to make Huldah look incompetent. The Panjistri arrived, put down the uprising and killed Huldah for his failure, promoting Revna in his place. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Apocalypse)

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