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For the type of species, see humanoid.
Humanoid (Dalek creation)

Creation of the humanoids (COMIC: City of the Daleks)

Humanoids were humans who had undergone a mind-controlling surgical procedure by the Daleks. The person outwardly appeared perfectly human but was in fact under the control of the Daleks. (COMIC: City of the Daleks, The Humanoids, The Outlaw Planet, Sara Kingdom: Space Security Agent)

A humanoid was an adapted lifeform Daleks created when they used a schizoid accelerator to remove a human's ego, and then implanted a Skaro mesmeristor into the subject's brain. In this way, they were able to completely control a human. Venusian Jeff Stone once observed a demonstration of the procedure in the so-called "Anatomy Room" on Skaro, and brought the term back for use amongst his fellow humans. (COMIC: City of the Daleks) Later, Jeff, his brother and his sister fell prey to a humanoid attack on the planet Mars. (COMIC: The Humanoids)

Sara Kingdom once opined that anyone who landed on the planet Vara would instantly be converted into a humanoid by the Daleks. (COMIC: Sara Kingdom: Space Security Agent)

The term humanoids was also used to refer to humanoid robots created by the Daleks to impersonate particular humans. (PROSE: The Secret Struggle, COMIC: Masters of the World)

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