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The Huntsman or Huntsman (The Creature from the Pit)

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The Huntsman was a soldier under Lady Adrasta.

It was the Huntsman's job to control the Wolfweeds. He commanded them with his whip. When he discovered the Fourth Doctor in the area of death, he had his Wolfweeds attack before ordering a soldier to kill him. Karela countermanded him, having the Doctor taken prisoner. He again used the Wolfweeds to attack K9 after the robot began killing the soldiers.

Karela ordered a guard to summon the Huntsman to aid Lady Adrasta after Erato began attacking her. However, after the people realised that Adrasta acted only for her own benefit and not for the people, the Huntsman was the first of the people to turn against her, refusing to have the Wolfweeds kill the Doctor.

After Adrasta's death, the Huntsman took control of Chloris. (TV: The Creature from the Pit)