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The Hyban were a race of peaceful, endothermic humanoids.

Biology Edit

Hyban were 12 foot tall humanoids. They had the appearance of roughly-made ice sculptures and were able to shape and mould this ice to a certain extent. They had a human-like face with glowing red eyes.

The Hyban were a truly endothermic species, requiring the heat from their surroundings to survive. They were intensely hot to the touch, but they would then drain even more heat from the area. (PROSE: The Frozen)

History Edit

The Hyban's planet was originally capable of supporting the Hyban, but by 1814 the planet had become a barren world orbiting a collapsed star. In order to find a warmer place to live, the Hyban travelled across Mutter's Spiral, searching for another planet.

One Hyban, Masoon, came to Earth, realising the potential of the humans. He came to the River Thames, causing it to freeze over, and dramatically cooled down London. When the Tenth Doctor came to London, Masoon attempted to suck all the heat out of the Doctor. Mai Kondo was able to attract him by turning up the heating in the Doctor's TARDIS, making him forget the Doctor and go to the TARDIS. Masoon was then brought to Winter Wonderland in the year 5113 in order to help compensate for the heating up of the planet from orbital decay. (PROSE: The Frozen)

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