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Hyperion III was a galactic liner spaceship in operation in 2986. It comprised of a Main Bridge, Modified Cargo hold, Waste disposal, Gym, Lounge area, and various accommodation for passengers and crew.

It carried passengers and shipments of rare metals between Mogar and Earth. Among its passengers was Professor Lasky, an agronomist who brought with her her research into a newly-developed species of plant — the Vervoids — intended as a labour-force on Earth.

When the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush arrived aboard the ship, drawn by a false mayday call, they found themselves trying to solve series of murders and vandalisms. Eventually they deduced that the Vervoids were responsible and used vionesium to kill them.

The events on the Hyperion III were relayed through projections from the Matrix at the Sixth Doctor's trial, and the Doctor claimed that some segments had been altered — therefore, some details are open to speculation, including who destroyed the spaceship's control room. (TV: Terror of the Vervoids)

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