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I, Davros was a series of four audio dramas produced by Big Finish Productions focusing on Davros's past. They were released between September and December 2006.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Featuring Released
1 Innocence Gary Hopkins Davros, Calcula, Yarvell, Magrantine, Thals, Daleks September 2006
2 Purity James Parsons & Andrew Stirling-Brown Davros, Calcula, Yarvell, Magrantine, the Supremo, Thals, Daleks October 2006
3 Corruption Lance Parkin Davros, Calcula, Shan, the Supremo, Ral, Thals, Daleks November 2006
4 Guilt Scott Alan Woodard Davros, Nyder, the Supremo, Ral, Calcula, Thals, Daleks December 2006

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Notes Edit

  • As with most of the Big Finish series, the main cast do not change between stories. However, there are many guest characters and cast.
  • Davros and Nyder are the only characters from the classic series to appear in I, Davros.
  • Besides Davros himself, his mother Lady Calcula is the only character to appear in all four audio dramas in I, Davros.

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