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Unlike other fictional universes, the Doctor Who universe is created solely by fiction. To us, this is a secondary source. Information from this source can only be used in "behind the scenes" sections, or on pages about real world topics.

I, Who was published in 1999.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor, Time's Champion. The Eighth Man Bound. The Ka Faraq Gatri. No matter where he goes, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot help but effect change. And now, I, Who properly chronicles the escapades of the Doctor and his companions in dozens of original Who novels published since 1991.

Can the Doctor find intimacy...if he can't be intimate? Will Benny discover true the bottom of her hip flask? Which of the Doctor's companions will kill dozens of people by kicking a pop can? It's the ultimate reference guide to almost 40,000 pages of original novels, after which the Doctor will never be the same.

And neither will you.

Subject matter Edit

An analysis of all novels (see below) with plot descriptions, information on setting, characters and various other elements.

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  • I, Who has a rather odd picture on its back cover (which is under the heading "Unauthorised. But Very, Very, Sexy").

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