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INC was a company that made eye implants which could be used to interact directly with computer systems. Incopolis, their corporate headquarters, was on Ha'olam.

The I left various alien devices on Ha'olam to be found so that they could inspire the creation of new technologies that they could harvest. One of them was a Gallifreyan Mark VII mind probe, which had a retinal interface that was the basis for INC's implants. This lead to the creation of IXNet, a computer system comprised of the minds of millions of people using the implants.

Their success allowed them to purchase 64 per cent of Temporal Commercial Concerns, which owned Hirath. Dr Akalu said that INC owned 64 per cent of everything. After Samantha Jones arrival on Ha'olam, INC bought Eurogen Village and the contracts of the workers there from the Eurogen Company.

During the conflict with the I, Sam was in INC's computer network long enough to make the company policies less amoral. The change was significant enough that the Lacaillan government decided to do business with INC after refusing to do so for a decade. (PROSE: Seeing I)

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