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I Am the Doctor is a 2014 concept album based on Doctor Who by American nerdcore rapper Devo Spice.

The album contains 12 tracks, one centred on each of the eleven television Doctors which had appeared at the time of the album's release plus "I Am the Doctor," a general Who tribute. The songs celebrate as well as parody various elements of the Doctor Who universe, as well as the behind-the-scenes history of the programme and its fandom.

The album features cameo appearances from Doctor Who cast members, some spoofing their own roles; Peter Davison appears as the Fifth Doctor on "Companion Application," Sophie Aldred appears as Ace on "The Regeneration, and Katy Manning sings the chorus on "Carnival of Monsters."

Tracklist Edit

  1. "Who is the Doctor?"
  2. "Lost in Time"
  3. "Carnival of Monsters"
  4. "Fandom Paradise"
  5. "Companion Application"
  6. "Doctor in Distress"
  7. "The Regeneration"
  8. "The Eye of Harmony"
  9. "Bad Wolf"
  10. "Adventures in Space and Time"
  11. "TARDIS Ride"
  12. "I Am the Doctor"

Recognition Edit

Prior to the album's release, the track "Companion Application" was the fifth-most requested song of 2013 on well-known American novelty music programme The Dr. Demento Show.

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