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You may be looking for Ian Chesterton.

Ian Chesterton was a companion of the human scientist Dr. Who and the boyfriend of the Doctor's granddaughter, Barbara.

Biography Edit

Ian accompanied Dr. Who, Barbara and Susan on their first trip to the planet Skaro in Tardis, a time and space machine created by Dr. Who. There, they met the Daleks and the Thals. (NOTVALID: Dr. Who and the Daleks)

He subsequently met an ancient Roman legion in 64 and ended up as a gladiator. (NOTVALID: Dr. Who and the Daleks, Dr Who and the House on Oldark Moor)

They later travelled to Oldark Moor and met Count Tarkin. (NOTVALID: Dr Who and the House on Oldark Moor)

Personality Edit

Ian was clumsy and somewhat foolish. Susan had a low opinion of him. (NOTVALID: Dr. Who and the Daleks)

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