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Ian Hines played a Clockwork soldier in the Doctor Who television story The Mind Robber. He is the brother of Frazer Hines, who got him the part. This was a reciprocal favour as Iain used to do Frazer's publicity. Ian had previously had an uncredited role as a guard in The Enemy of the World. (DWM 219) The two brothers also acted together in the "lost tape" show which featured the villain Salamander.

They were also to collaborate together on the Progrock album "The Marvel World of Icarus", an extremely imaginative project of Ian's which featured tracks, most written by Ian about Marvel World characters. Stan Lee wrote two tracks with Ian, the "Bullpen" artists supplied the art and Barry Windsor Smith did the internal art. Frazer did the introduction sequence and Thor prologue.

They also worked together on the record Time Traveller Honey. Ian went on later to take the first rock band to Romania-Iran and Lebanon having taken the first one to Hamburg — the famous "Jets".

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