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The Ice Maiden was a bar that started life on Mars and later resided beneath the Ionian Sea on Earth. (PROSE: Transit)

Jacksonville Edit

The original iteration of the bar was named Ice Maiden and was an R&R stop set up during the Thousand Day War halfway up Olympus Mons. Its decor famously included puff concrete walls, rusty blast doors, and solid holograms of soldiers killed in action. The bartender was named Dozey Joe.

"The Connection" Edit

Established following the war by a returned veteran named Francine, it was constructed as an exact duplicate of the original and provided a wide variety of chemical and sexual diversions to its clientele. Its iconic logo was a woman in abbreviated Ice Warrior armour, chained to a wall of folded neon; female bar staff wore a similar costume.

Francine's Office Edit

An antechamber accessed via the rear of the bar contained a very obvious multibarrelled electric autogun suspended from the roof as a deliberate fashion statement. Through a remotely operated door was a room with a desk and a divan in the centre.

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