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Idris Hopper was secretary to Margaret Blaine, the mayor of Cardiff, or rather to Blon Fel-Fotch Passameer-Day Slitheen, the member of the Slitheen criminal family who was impersonating her.

He failed to stop the Ninth Doctor entering Margaret Blaine's office as she fled through a window, the Doctor pushing him to the ground after a brief struggle. (TV: Boom Town) Not long after, Jack Harkness took Idris to dinner. During the meal, Jack slipped a retcon tablet into Idris' cold pasta to make him forget all about Jack and the Doctor. The retcon tablet failed to work on the secretary; he was an example of the one in eighty thousand people on whom the the pills had no effect.

Idris stated in a later conversation with Jack that he had only given Idris a retcon pill to make him forget. He also accused Jack of planning to sleep with him because Jack knew that the secretary would not remember him in the morning. He helped Jack decode Bilis Manger's diary and afterwards took two retcon tablets and forgot all about the conversation with Jack. As Manger had predicted, he took a job in Berlin. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)


Idris Hopper liked ham and pineapple on his pizza.

He appeared to be a homosexual as he kissed Jack. (PROSE: The Twilight Streets)