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100 Imperials

A 100 Imperials coin. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

The Imperial was a form of currency.

Aldo, a member of Rorvik's crew, had a 100 Imperials coin with him, which he flipped at one point aboard the privateer ship.

When the TARDIS entered a time rift, the Fourth Doctor and Romana II argued about what they should do next. When Romana facetiously made the suggestion that they should flip a coin to decide, a method with which the Doctor didn't see anything wrong, Adric took the remark seriously and flipped a coin — possibly another 100 Imperials piece — to decide whether to operate a random control on the console. (TV: Warriors' Gate)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • There is no close-up of the coin which Adric flips in Warriors' Gate part one, and he never identifies this particular piece of currency by name.

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