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The Imperiatrix Imprimatur was an imprint of the first Imperiatrix Pandora, akin to the Rassilon Imprimatur.

Pandora claimed that Romana II contained the Imprimatur which guided her actions in following the same paths as the first Imperiatrix. Infected with the Imprimatur in her first incarnation, Irving Braxiatel was able to suppress the Imprimatur by hypnosis when he found her shortly after ; Romana's first regeneration was caused when the torture she endured from the Shadow threatened to break Braxiatiel's conditioning. (AUDIO: Lies) In a way, this meant that Romana I both committed suicide and was murdered by Romana II.

Escaping the Matrix, Pandora used the Imprimatur to extract biodata and form a body for herself based on Romana's first incarnation. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix)

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