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The Imploder was an electromagnetic containment device used to transport and store the Hunger, a genetically engineered swarm of microbes. It was developed as part of Project Black Hunger, which aimed to solve London's litter crisis. The Hunger microbes were unstable, so Department scientists working under Inspector Drake developed the Imploder to control them. The Imploder was built with a neutron explosive device as a failsafe, a self-destruct system which could be remotely triggered on a five-minute timer.

Two Department technicians tested the imploder in a tunnel beneath Sector NW12 in London. However, while one worker was chasing Darius Pike, the other was attacked by the Hunger and devoured. The first worker fled and reported the situation to Inspector June Turner, while Darius returned and stole the Imploder. He used the Imploder to clean the chess room in Gryffen Manor, but after K9 and Professor Gryffen analysed the machine and the Hunger, Starkey and Jorjie decided to return the Imploder to where it was found. The area was guarded by CCPCs, who saw Starkey, Jorjie and K9 and reported their presence to Drake. Drake ordered the failsafe activated. Starkey tried to defuse the neutron explosion under K9's supervision, but was unsuccessful. However, Jorjie prevented the device from exploding by hitting it repeatedly. This also broke the Imploder. (TV: Black Hunger)

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