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Independence Day (novel)

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Independence Day
Independence Day
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Main enemy: Vethran
Main setting: Mendeb Two and Three, 30th century
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: Peter Darvill-Evans
Cover by: Black Sheep
Release details
Release number: 36
Release date: 2 October 2000
Format: Paperback Book; 7 Chapters, 285 Pages
ISBN 0-563-53804-X
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BBC Past Doctor Adventures
Festival of Death The King of Terror

Independence Day was the thirty-sixth BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Danger is my middle name," Ace said. "Or it would be if I had more than one. I can look after myself these days, you know."

Freedom. Liberty. Free Will. Independence. Choice. Everyone wants to be free. But at what point does freedom become irresponsibility? What happens when one person's choice causes another's oppression?

The Doctor's on a simple mission to return a communications device he borrowed years previously. Being a Time Lord, he can return it before anyone misses it.

But events in the Mendeb system have moved more quickly than the Doctor estimated, and he lands in the ruins of a civilisation devastated by mysterious invaders.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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Individuals Edit

Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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