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The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

The Industrial Revolution was a period in Earth history, or several, in which new mechanised manufacturing processes begin to achieve prominence.

According to the Third Doctor, the Dæmons inspired the Industrial Revolution. (TV: The Dæmons)

A Third Industrial Revolution was on its way by the time humans arrived on Gliese 581 D. (TV: Smile)

One of the times during which the Rani was conducting her sleep chemical experiments was the Industrial Revolution. (TV: The Mark of the Rani)

The Tenth Doctor took Mai Kondo to 1814 to see the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. (PROSE: The Frozen)

Miss Shah's Coal Hill history classroom bore a poster on the Industrial Revolution. (TV: The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

At some point in the far future, the Vardies were the "worker bees of the Third Industrial Revolution", according to the Twelfth Doctor. (TV: Smile)

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