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"Inferno Project" was the nickname given to a secret British science project conducted at Eastchester in the early 1970s. It involved drilling beneath the Earth's crust to gain access to pockets of Stahlman's gas located there, which the project's founder, Professor Stahlman, theorised would provide an endless energy source. Not only did the drilling instead release Stahlman's ooze, which rapidly mutated humans into Primords, but it would also have released enough energy to destroy the planet. The project was shut down thanks to the efforts of the Third Doctor and UNIT, with the aid of project director Sir Keith Gold. (TV: Inferno)

Later, James Stevens met Greg Sutton and Petra Williams. He interviewed Sutton (who, unlike Petra, didn't care much about "pommie D-notices" and thought Stevens wouldn't believe a word of the story anyway), and wrote an article published in the Daily Chronicle that revealed the project to the public.

After the failure of the Inferno Project, among other incidents, was publicised by Stevens in his "Bad Science" series of articles, Harold Wilson's position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom became untenable and the Labour Party lost the general election in June 1970 to the Conservatives, led by Edward Heath. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

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