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Inside the World of Doctor Who
Subject: A live workshop on the production of Doctor Who, aimed at children
Original release date: 29 November 2008 (live event)
15 December 2008 (video)
Runtime: 90" (including interval) live; about 42" in its video form, broken into two rough halves
Key crew
Interviewer: Kirsten O'Brien
Interviewees: Russell T Davies, Danny Hargreaves, Neill Gorton, Ben Foster, Will Cohen
The phrase Inside the World of Doctor Who describes both a live event and the video recording of that event. Presented jointly by BAFTA and the London Children's Film Festival, the live educational event happened at London's Barbican Centre on Saturday 29 November 2008, and was was attended by about 2,000 fans. The video debuted on the BAFTA website on 15 December 2008.

The event was somewhat akin to a live version of Totally Doctor Who, and even featured one of that show's presenters, Kirsten O'Brien. It allowed the audience to get at least a superficial glimpse of what it was like to do some of the main behind-the-scenes jobs on Doctor Who. Also like Totally, it was quite specifically for children; the Barbican's website warned that "unaccompanied adults will not be admitted".

Amongst the highlights of the event were:

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