Instruments of Darkness was the forty-eighth novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Gary Russell, released 5 November 2001 and featured the Sixth Doctor, Melanie Bush and Evelyn Smythe.

This was the first novel to feature a character from Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who audio story range. Evelyn had first appeared in the audio story The Marian Conspiracy, and when this novel was published had appeared in five audio stories.

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The leaders on planet Earth think that the Magnate is a mysterious "shadow Government" that controls the world. It isn't. The leaders believe the Network to be a ramshackle, paranoid outfit of European anarchists who will eventually blow themselves up. They won't. The leaders believe that if there are humans who can control things with their minds — ESPnets — they're few and far between, and not worth worrying about. They're wrong. The leaders believe that one minute after midnight on 31 December 1993, a new year, full of promise, will begin. They're wrong.

The Doctor and Mel arrive on Earth just days before New Year. An old friend has been kidnapped and taken to France. And two murderous enemies are setting up a new life in the Peak District. Which of these threats should the Doctor deal with first? And why is his old travelling companion Evelyn Smythe using her knowledge of the future to make a fortune from chocolate cake recipes?!

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