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Int was a planet which was home to an advanced humanoid species who had green skin, bald heads, pointed ears, stalked eyes and flat arms with three fingers on each hand.

There were at least two nations on the planet, Ulk and Gor, which were at war with each other. At one point during the war, the people of Ulk launched a boat carrying a powerful bomb towards Gor, but the First Doctor, John and Gillian arrived on board. They discovered the danger and attempted to leave, but interference from the boat's force field prevented the TARDIS from dematerialising. The Doctor cut down one of the boat's masts and used it as an oar to steer the boat onto a course back to Ulk. To save themselves, the people of Ulk deactivated the force field so missiles fired from Gor would destroy it, but not before the time travellers departed. (COMIC: Deadly Vessel)

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