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Inter Minor

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Inter Minor
Inter Minor.jpg
Type: Planet
Natives: Inter Minorians
Appearances: TV: Carnival of Monsters

Inter Minor was the homeworld of the Inter Minorians.

Society Edit

The Inter Minorians prohibited aliens from visiting without consent through fear of illness, and they themselves never left their planet. The Inter Minorians were divided into two distinct classes: Functionaries and Officials.

History Edit

Vorg took his miniscope to Inter Minor. It contained a large number of life forms — including the Third Doctor and Jo Grant — in a compressed form. The Doctor escaped and resumed his normal size.

Two Inter Minorians, Kalik and Orum, wished to release Drashigs from the scope. The resulting destruction would force President Zarb to resign. A number of Drashigs did escape the scope. They killed Kalik and Orum, but were themselves killed by Vorg through use of an Eradicator. (TV: Carnival of Monsters)

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