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Interstellar Overdrive (comic story)

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Interstellar Overdrive
Interstellar Overdrive
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Rose
Main enemy: Jacey
Main setting: Magellan-class star cruiser
Key crew
Editor: Clayton Hickman and Scott Gray
Writer: Jonathan Morris
Colourist: James Offredi
Letterer: Roger Langridge
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Magazine 375-376
Release date: 12 October - 9 November 2006
Cover date: 8 November - 6 December 2006
Format: Comic - 2 parts (18 pages)
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You may be looking for the song.

Interstellar Overdrive was a Tenth Doctor comic story published in Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary Edit

The Doctor and Rose Tyler arrive on a Magellan-class star cruiser circa 3000 AD, where they encounter the members of Pakafroon Wabster, the greatest rock band in history. The Doctor soon discovers that the ship is caught in a time loop which repeats the same few hours prior to the vessel's destruction by sabotage. After experiencing one of the loops, which results in the (temporary) death of Rose, the Doctor works to solve a double mystery: how to break the time loop, and the identity of the saboteur.

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

Continuity Edit

  • This is the first actual appearance of Pakafroon Wabster, which had previously been mentioned in the audio story Flip-Flop and the prose stories The Tomorrow Windows and The Clanging Chimes of Doom, all of which were written by Jonathan Morris.
  • The Doctor refers to his ability to survive for a few minutes in a vacuum, saying it's "just a knack". (TV: Four to Doomsday)
  • Rose's first death is presented in a fashion similar to her near-disappearance into the void in TV: Doomsday, with the Doctor hanging on and screaming at her.


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