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Into the Unknown was the first collection of short stories in the Erimem series.

Publisher's summary Edit

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Contents Edit

Title Author
Alone in the Dark Beth Jones
The Snow Wolves Chloe McLaughlin
Echoes Iain McLaughlin
Wardenclyffe Kaitlin Moore
A Bazarr Way to Die Rachel Blake
Tom's Story: Part One Iain McLaughlin
The Girl with the Glass Face Jim Mortimore
Tom's Story: Part Two Iain McLaughlin
Spirit in the Tomb Claire Bartlett
Tomorrow's Fish and Chips Iain McLaughlin
Tick-Tock Ian Farrington
Family Iain McLaughlin
Serpent's Child James Maddox
Time Welcomes Responsible Travellers Iain McLaughlin
Last Respects Julianne Todd

Notes Edit

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External links Edit

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