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Invasion of the Cat-People was the thirteenth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Gary Russell. It featured the Second Doctor, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Explode the buoys? But that will destroy the Earth!"
"Oh dear, so it will. Pass on my apologies to the humans, won't you?"

Earth has been invaded. Twice. Thousands of years ago by a race searching for a new power source. More recently by the galactic marauders known as the Cat-People, who intend to continue the work done by the earlier visitors, with devastating results.

The recently regenerated Doctor, along with companions Ben and Polly, teams up with a group of amateur ghost-hunters and a mysterious white witch on a journey that takes them from twentieth-century Cumbria to the Arabian deserts of folklore and Australia 40,000 years in the past. Can the Doctor stop the invaders and disarm the bombs left buried beneath the planet's surface — or have the ancient Aborigines of Australia sung the seeds of their own destruction?

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

In brackets are the names Gary Russell lists as his preferred casting choices for if Invasion of the Cat-People had hypothetically been a TV story, and how he envisions each character's appearance. Not every character is assigned an actor.

TARDIS crew Edit

Cat-People Edit

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Fashion and clothing Edit

  • Ben finds clothes in the TARDIS wardrobe which have pockets that are bigger on the inside, much like the Doctor's own coat pockets.

Individuals Edit


  • The Doctor's regeneration caused the TARDIS to regenerate to some extent, shrinking fifteen centimetres.

Time Lords Edit

  • Magnus (later known as the War Chief) was unconcerned about wasting regenerations and never listened to the Doctor, who advised him not to waste them.

Notes Edit

  • The novel is six "episodes" long, plus a prologue, to emulate a classic series TV serial.
  • At the beginning of this story, three weeks have passed since the Doctor's regeneration.
  • When commenting on the Cat-People, the Doctor mentions they are related to races with names not previously mentioned in the Doctor Who Universe. These included: Lion-Men of Mongo (Flash Gordon), Caitians (Star Trek), Kzinti (Larry Niven's Known Space series) and agents of the Aegis (Star Trek). He also references mercenaries from Gin-Seng and the natives of Vedela and Capella.
  • As well as listing his preferred casting choices for an imaginary televised version of the novel, Gary Russell also notes his preference of Graeme Harper as the director, Mike Fillis and Adrian Pack working on the music, and Michael Chapman as the producer. It would be a Virgin Films production.

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