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Invasion of the Daleks was the first original story in the history of Doctor Who merchandising tie-ins. As the lead story in The Dalek Book, it was the first time the public saw any characters from Doctor Who outside the television series. It established the basic premise of the entire book — often considered to be the first Dalek annual — and introduced readers to the three main protagonists of the volume: Jeff, Andy and Mary Stone.

It proposed the notion of the very well-inhabited Solar System falling prey to a massive Dalek invasion in 2400.


Through a series of circumstances, the peoples of the Solar System fail to understand the warning signs their outposts pick up. From the planet Skaro, a threat is emerging across all the worlds of the system. The entire Solar System is subdued swiftly, largely because the peoples of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars fail to put up any resistance.

The Daleks come to Venus, where they take the idyllic city of New Paris without difficulty. The Stone siblings aren't in New Paris. They're on a scientific expedition near the Churchill Mountains. Jeff and Mary are captured soon after the Daleks begin their march into the wild lands of the planet. Andy eludes capture but hears his siblings through a nearby Dalek's communicator. They're deliberately talking loudly enough for their capturing Dalek's communicator to pick up their speech. Thinking there might be a way that Jeff can hear him, Jeff muses that he hopes Andy will "remember the mountains". It's a reference Andy swiftly recognises. His brother is telling him to remember Winston Churchill's defiance in the face of impossible odds. Andy vows to find his siblings and rid his planet of this terrible new Dalek menace.




  • No individual credits are given in the book's table of contents but Richard Jennings signs the top panel on page 14.
  • This story marks the first appearance in any media of a Dalek Emperor, specifically the gold one most associated with The Dalek Chronicles.
  • This is the second-oldest Dalek story in existence, next to The Daleks. Yet it quickly establishes that the Daleks can levitate and fly through space through the use of transolar disks. Those discs have a design perfectly in harmony with the propulsor units seen on the underside of Daleks since their BBC Wales introduction in Dalek.
  • The date given in Break-through! is 2400, though the humans are unaware of the Daleks and have only just begun colonising Mars. The Dalek Book, of course, was written before all future-set television stories except The Sensorites.
  • The Skarosian museum seen in City of the Daleks indicates the Daleks penetrated the Solar System before. They have on display an artefact from humanity's early exploration of the Moon, which directly states that they took humans from the surface of the moon in 1971. At some point, the Daleks also went to Mercury, based on exhibits in the museum.

Invading the Solar System

  • Because this story sets up the entire book, it's important to understand the fundamentals of the Daleks' plan. However, David Whitaker's writing style is so minimalistic that the reader can easily pass by certain details which are not repeated later in the text. Therefore, it's important to thoroughly inspect this highly unusual invasion strategy.
  • Because the illustrations soon fill with images of huge fleets of individual Daleks, you could easily miss that they're all operating from Skaro, which has been physically moved into orbit of the Sun. Its orbit is at an odd angle to the rest of the planets in the Solar System. It's behind the asteroid belt, but variously between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. It's pretty clear that the Daleks are able to pilot Skaro like a ship. This idea of Daleks being able to move whole planets is seen later in the television stories The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End.
  • The Daleks have an odd pattern for taking over the Solar System. They tackle the moons of Jupiter first, then the moons of Saturn, then Mars, and then to Venus. In other words, it's not a progression from furthest planet from the sun to nearest. They're just skipping around the Solar System, deliberately saving Earth for last. Indeed, the Dalek Emperor says early in the story they won't go to Earth until they subdue Venus, but no reason for this is given. This is why the Stone siblings are so important, though they likely don't know it. Their resistance on Venus is pivotal to whether Earth falls. Whitaker tells us the Stone family are Earth's last chance, because no one on Earth has yet picked up on the fact the Solar System is under attack.
  • What's even more unusual about this Dalek invasion plan is that they go so close to Earth that they have to mask their signature so they won't be detected. A whole page of the comic is devoted to explaining how they avoid detection by humans on Earth when there's no reason for them to cross Earth's orbit at all en route to Venus.


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