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The Iris Wildthyme series features Iris Wildthyme in audio plays, short stories, novels and novellas.

In the audio plays (and on the covers of books), Iris is portrayed by (or modelled on) Katy Manning, who first portrayed her in the audio story Excelis Dawns. The audio series is released by Big Finish Productions under their New Worlds banner, as was the anthology Wildthyme on Top. Anthologies of short stories and novellas featuring Iris have been published by Obverse Books, and novels by Snowbooks Ltd.

List of releases Edit

Title Publisher Released
Wildthyme on Top Big Finish Productions August 2005
Wildthyme at Large November 2005
The Devil in Ms. Wildthyme December 2005
The Sound of Fear February 2009
The Land of Wonder March 2009
The Two Irises April 2009
Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus Obverse Books May 2009
The Panda Invasion Big Finish Productions May 2009
Iris Wildthyme and the Claws of Santa November 2009
The Panda Book of Horror Obverse Books December 2009
Ms Wildthyme & Friends Investigate May 2010
Iris: Abroad November 2010
Enter Wildthyme Snowbooks Ltd January 2011
Wildthyme in Purple Obverse Books November 2011
Wildthyme Beyond! Snowbooks Ltd June 2012
The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society Big Finish Productions August 2012
Iris Rides Out August 2012
Midwinter Murders August 2012
Lady Stardust Obverse Books October 2012
Whatever Happened to Iris Wildthyme? Big Finish Productions August 2013
Iris at the Oche August 2013
A Lift in Time August 2013
Iris: Fifteen Obverse Books September 2013
From Wildthyme with Love Snowbooks Ltd November 2013
Iris Wildthyme of Mars Obverse Books September 2014
Wildthyme Reloaded Big Finish Productions August 2015
The Perennial Miss Wildthyme Obverse Books September 2015
A Clockwork Iris 10 February 2017

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