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Jack was a television set salesman. He was Andy's Daddy and the husband of Susie.

Jack lost his job as a television set salesman when interest in television faded, but his brother, Bernard, offered a mining job for Jack on a colony world that paid better. His wife and son left with Jack for this planet.

The colonists collected the rain, a lifeform resembling water, and drank it, not knowing it was alive. In revenge for for the humans killing its kind, the rain sliced through the colonists, killing twenty of them in the first downpour, and causing the others to run for the mines.

Downpours lasted for days at a time, not ending until at least one or two people were killed. The rain fell in what appeared to be funnels on the colonists' shelters. One of the first nights after the rain properly fell, it tried calling for Susie to join them. As she opened the hatch, Jack told her not to go into the rain because he loved her.

After six weeks, the only survivors were Andy, his parents and the Jacksons. The Ninth Doctor and Rose arrived on the planet, and were quickly under attack by the rain. Andy's parents let them into their bunker, saving their lives. Andy and his parents explained their situation. The following day, the rain had got through the Jacksons' shelter and killed them as they ran outside. Andy's family were the only ones left.

As the rain fell even heavier, and the water supplies had run out, Susie and the Doctor opened the bunker's hatch slightly to let in some of the rain. The water screamed as it was boiled for consumption; the Doctor and Rose realised the water was a lifeform the colonists were killing. The Doctor ran outside to negotiate with the rain. He and Rose asked the family to hurry to their spaceship and leave for home before the rain started to fall again. (PROSE: Pitter-Patter)