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Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance: Apollo 23

Professor Jackson was the leading scientist aboard Base Diana. He had pale blue eyes. Using prisoners on Base Diana, Jackson planned to wipe their minds and replace them with the minds of people who were dying. However, his equipment unknowingly sent out a signal that the Talerians were able to follow back to Earth. One managed to latch onto the signal and follow it back, reaching Base Diana as Jackson was setting up his equipment for the first tests. The Talerian possessed Jackson though it took him awhile to gain full control over Jackson's body. Unlike the later possessed victims, Jackson's mind wasn't erased so his knowledge and emotions could be accessed by the Talerians. However, the Talerian kept a back-up copy of Jackson's mind in the base's computer storage. The Talerian used Jackson to blank the minds of many people, turning some into Blanks, programed zombies with no minds of their own, just programing. Jackson set it so they had their original personality until their programing would take over. Others he started transferring Talerian minds into while preparing for a full invasion force. Jackson was able to successfully implant Talerians into some base personnel including Captain Jim Reeve and Nurse Phillips. However, Liz Didbrook was a failure, gaining an alien mind but with her own still intact, driving her insane. Liz sabotaged the quantum displacement systems to draw attention to Jackson's efforts. When the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond arrived, the real Jackson briefly regained control of himself during a mind transfer to give a prisoner some of his own memories in hopes of warning the Doctor. However, Nurse Phillips murdered the prisoner before he could tell the Doctor much. Jackson then accelerated his schedule and had a Blank destroy the quantum displacement equipment to strand the Doctor on Earth. When Amy Pond learned the truth, he had her turned into a Blank in case the Doctor found a way back. Jackson captured the Doctor when he returned, but the Doctor escaped with help from Major Andrea Carlisle who Jackson had attempted to implant with a Talerian mind but failed due to a power failure at a critical moment. With the help of Carlisle, the Doctor retrieved Amy's back-up and when she drank it, her mind returned. With the help of Carlisle, the Doctor was able to put the back-ups of everyone on Base Diana into the sprinkler systems and use the sprinklers to expose everyone to their back-ups. Using the back-ups, Jackson's victims regained their own minds with the Blanks returning to normal and the Talerian minds being destroyed. Jackson remained unaffected however as he had removed his own back-up from the system and he called in a full Talerian invasion force. Meeting with the Doctor and Amy in his office, Jackson explained everything, never noticing that the Doctor managed to slip his back-up into his tea. With the introduction of his back-up, the Talerian mind was destroyed and the real Jackson regained control of his body. Horrified at what he was forced to do, Jackson used a Talerian gun to shoot out the window in his office, blowing him out into space and killing him. The pressure change killed the fragile Talerian invasion force and the Doctor dismantled Jackson's equipment to prevent future threats. (PROSE: Apollo 23)


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