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Jacob Travers was an ancestor of Anne Travers from the 1820s.

He was a lighthouse keeper on Fang Rock in 1822 and witnessed the arrival of a crashed Rutan ship. He was driven insane when witnessing the Rutan kill Alfred Scott. He spent several nights alone on the rock, and was rescued by the tender. He was held for a time in Bethlehem Hospital in London, and released by Archibald Goff, who brought Jacob back to Fang Rock to confront the "beast". There he discovered that he was the "beast", or at least an aspect of it. He contained morphic DNA inherited from his father, which the Rutan unintentionally activated. The DNA turned Jacob into a werewolf. He was killed in a final battle with the Rutan in 1823. He was survived by a wife and children, one of whom would one day be the grandfather of Edward Travers, while another would go on to be the grandfather of Ben Travers, a future keeper at Fang Rock. (PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock)