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Jade Pagoda
Jade pagoda
Type: TARDIS Emergency Escape pod
Place of origin: The Doctor's TARDIS
First seen in: Iceberg
Appearances: PROSE: Sanctuary

The Jade Pagoda was a TARDIS "escape pod". It was first used by the Seventh Doctor to travel to Earth in 2006 while the TARDIS had broken up between 1909 Earth and 22,000 Antýkhon. (PROSE: Iceberg, Birthright)

In the second instance of its usage, it was used in the TARDIS that the Doctor obtained from a parallel Earth. (PROSE: Blood Heat) In this second usage it was utilised by the Doctor and Bernice Summerfield to escape the TARDIS as it passed a black star. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

Specifics Edit

The Jade Pagoda looked like it was made of marbled jade. It homed in on a main sequence G-type star with a class M planet in orbit. Most of the controls were for life support and getting the TARDIS to its location.

There was a tall mirror within that would become a scanner. There were also various first-aid and survival tools within the Jade Pagoda. Like TARDISes it was dimensionally transcendental, but only had the single console room with a series of cupboards containing the various supplies. (PROSE: Sanctuary)

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