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Jae Collins was a member of the expedition to find the planet Laylora. He helped fund the expedition in order to escape from his gambling debts in his home system. He was born to a family of wealthy lawyers and lived a dangerous life, participating in illegal races. When the SS Humphrey Bogart crash landed on Laylora, he was sent to repair the environmental systems. A fire broke out in the room he was working in, and, with almost no power in the ship, the door wouldn't open. He died from smoke inhalation trying to override the automatic sprinkler systems. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise)

Personality Edit

He generally had an air of boredom during the course of the expedition. He set most of his fellow crew members on edge because of his arrogant attitude, and tended to be reprimanded by Kendle a lot because of it. He was intelligent and moved at a fast pace, but became a little nervous under pressure. (PROSE: The Price of Paradise)

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