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Rory's Jaguar, a gift from the Eleventh Doctor. (TV: The God Complex)

A Jaguar was a type of car on Earth.

UNIT had two black Jaguars that followed the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon after they emerged from International Electromatics following their meeting with Tobias Vaughn. One of these was used to drive the pair to the EC-130H Hercules transporter plane serving as UNIT's command centre/mobile base. (TV: The Invasion)

James Stevens was spied on at one point during his investigations into UNIT by a C19 operative in a black Jaguar with dark-tinted windows. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Once, a Jaguar was seen exiting a field in Kent where strange crop patterns — but not circles — had appeared. Its license plate was a clue in a mystery that UNIT, the Seventh Doctor and Ace investigated. (PROSE: The Algebra of Ice)

When the Eleventh Doctor dropped Amy Pond and Rory Williams off at home, he gave Rory the keys to his favourite car, a red Jaguar E-Type convertible. Rory made sure that Amy would not turn down the offer of an sports car for free. He told the Doctor, "She'll say that we can't accept it because it's too extravagant and we'll always feel a crippling sense of obligation. It's a risk I'm willing to take." (TV: The God Complex)

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