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Jake Morgan was a man who lived in London with his girlfriend Fay.

One evening, Jake and Fay became engaged. Later, Jake went for a walk and noticed a strange blue police box near his house. When he got closer, a blast of cold air hit him. The man who came out of the box appeared to see him for a moment, but then left. Jake went home and discovered that he could pass through his house. Inside the house, he couldn't make Fay hear or see him.

He walked the streets of London until he saw the police box again. Once again, the man seemed to see Jake for a moment but then lost sight of him.

By this time, Jake believed he was dead, and that he couldn't move on until he finished some things. He visited his father in the hospital, but was devastated when his father had a heart attack and Jake couldn't call for help. He went home and said goodbye to Fay, who was lying in bed, awake and crying.

Jake searched for the police box but couldn't find it for two weeks. Finally the man, who was called the Doctor by a younger man, appeared and could see Jake due to a device he was wearing on his ear. He explained that Jake wasn't dead, but was merely caught in bubble of reality; however, the Doctor wasn't able to free Jake. Jake convinced the Doctor to let Fay use the device so he could explain to her and say goodbye. The Doctor then took him to the Time Vortex with other people who had been removed from their original times. (PROSE: The Dead Man's Story)