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Jakob was an individual from the 40th century.

He was accused of murdering Idra Panatar, but claimed to not have done so. Alongside the Twelfth Doctor and Hattie Munroe, Jakob started investigating what happened with Idra to try to prove his innocence.

Jakob kills Idra

The Twelfth Doctor reveals that Jakob killed Idra Panatar (COMIC: The Twist)

Jakob, Hattie and the Doctor were captured by the Foxkin, who explained to them that when the Foxkin found the Twist, the humans inside it were dead and later they were able to revive them. However, Canek, the Foxkin's leader, said that this fact could never be known by the humans in the Twist, so they gave Jakob, Hattie and the Doctor two options: a slow death, or imprisionament for life. After being encarcerated, the three were able to escape, and met two Foxkins that were in favour of revealing themselves to humans. After that, the Doctor revealed that Jakob had actually killed Idra, by acessing the data of his byonic eye. (COMIC: The Twist)

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