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James was an employee of the Global Chemicals oil refinery at Llanfairfach.

He had been taken over by BOSS, but when Stevens left James to guard Mike Yates, Yates used a Metebelis crystal to help him regain control. He managed to tell Yates " the four o'clock this afternoon...the computer is going to" before being killed by BOSS to prevent him from telling Yates anymore of its plans. (TV: The Green Death)

Behind the Scenes Edit

James's narrative purpose in the story The Green Death came about after Tony Adams, the actor playing Elgin, was taken seriously ill with peritonitis the day before studio recording of episode five and had to be rushed to hospital for an emergency operation. Because Adams could no longer continue, a hasty rewrite of the script was required. James, as played by Roy Skelton, was drafted to fulfil the duties of Adams's character, and as such, Elgin was abruptly dropped from the story and presumed to survive at the end (Jocelyn Stevens tells the Third Doctor to evacuate his employees from Global Chemicals before he makes BOSS overload, logically including Elgin), while James would instead be killed.