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James Pearson, sometimes credited as Jamie Pearson, joined the Doctor Who post-production staff in series 5. He edited The Eleventh Hour, The Vampires of Venice, Amy's Choice, Vincent and the Doctor and The Lodger. For series 6, he cut The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People.

Prior to his Doctor Who work, he was a longtime editor on MI-5. He also edited several episodes of the 2009 series of Law & Order: UK with Freema Agyeman and Bill Paterson; and about half of the first series of the Beth Willis/Piers Wenger-produced Ashes to Ashes. In the time between series 5 and series 6 of Doctor Who, he edited the Jonny Campbell-directed tele-movie, Eric & Ernie, for which he received his first BAFTA nomination.

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