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Jan Spoczynski was the designer of Snakedance, his only contribution to Doctor Who. He was featured on the documentary, Snake Charmer, included in the 2011 DVD release of Snakedance.

Spoczynski's career before and after Snakedance was a healthy one. He worked steadily in British television from at least the 1970s to the 1990s. He was a designer on such programmes as Blake's 7, Last of the Summer Wine, Parkinson, Midsomer Murders and The Two Ronnies, with Ronnie Corbett.

In the 2000s he moved to feature films, where he mostly served as an art director or more junior roles in the art department. His credits during this phase of his career have included: Wimbledon; Stage Beauty with Hugh Bonneville, Fenella Woolgar and David Westhead; Match Point, a Woody Allen film with Alexander Armstrong, Steve Pemberton, Colin Salmon, Miranda Raison, Penelope Wilton, Mark Gatiss and Brian Cox; and Shanghai, again with Bonneville.

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