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Russell T Davies on Doctor Who's return - Doctor Who03:26

Russell T Davies on Doctor Who's return - Doctor Who

Jane Tranter and Russell T Davies recount their first meeting.

David Tennant interviews Doctor Who Producers - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC01:52

David Tennant interviews Doctor Who Producers - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC

Tranter alongside Julie Gardner on CON: Do You Remember the First Time?

Jane Tranter was made Head of Drama in 2000. She was the controller of drama commissioning at the BBC who, along with Lorraine Heggessey, was responsible for commissioning what became known as series 1 of Doctor Who. Following the success of Eccleston's outing as the Ninth Doctor — as well as a string of hits including Spooks and Waking the Dead — she became the Corporation's first, and only, Head of Fiction. This meant that she had control over all scripted television shows at the BBC.


Tranter as she appeared on CON: The Eleventh Doctor

She was featured on Doctor Who Confidential in the David Tennant-directed episode, Do You Remember the First Time?, trying — but slightly failing — to give a chronological list of the actors who'd played the Doctor. She was also present in the episode which announced the identity of the Eleventh Doctor, giving context to the hiring of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant.

In 2009, she left the Corporation proper to head up BBC Worldwide's operations in the United States. Along with her went Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies, and it was largely through their efforts that Torchwood became an American co-production for series 4. She is therefore an executive producer on Torchwood: Miracle Day. Despite the amount of support she's given to Doctor Who and its related programmes, Miracle Day is the first time she's received an on-screen credit for a DWU programme. Thus, she only has formal credit on the following episodes:

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