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Janis Carma was a Thetran agent. She was sent to the holiday planet Nestra to investigate reports that visitors to the planet never returned home after their holidays.

While on Nestra, Janis met the Sixth Doctor, who was investigating the disappearances on behalf of the family of Korriklimm, a Thetran who invented the robots that served the tourists.

Janis was captured by Lakksis, a robot waiter. The Doctor, who was also captured, rescued her, and they attempted to find Lakksis. The Doctor gave Janis the slip, but after he caught up with Lakksis and tried to explain to the robot what he had done wrong, Janis appeared and shot the robot. She saved enough of its parts to allow the building of a second robot, Lakksis-2. After the Doctor left, Lakksis-2 recognised Janis as the one who killed his "brother". (PROSE: Wish You Were Here)