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Jata Horse's Mouth
Species: Osumaran
Place of origin: Osumare
First seen in: From the Horse's Mouth
Other appearances:

Jata was an Osumaran who was a companion of the Twelfth Doctor. After the Doctor rescued him from being stranded on Earth, Jata had several adventures with the Doctor on the voyage to Jata's homeplanet Osumare.

History Edit

In the 19th century, Jata left Osumare in an alnitak class Q7 starship.

In 1899, he crashed onto Earth in Wyoming and was found by Clint Currie. Deciding to "make the best of [the] barbaric world", Jata helped Currie commit crimes. Jata became the mastermind behind a number of big-time hold-ups and robberies. Because the black star on Jata's forehead was unique on Earth, Jata was put on wanted posters that identified Jata as Currie's horse.

From the Horse's Mouth

Clint Currie rides Jata into a Wyoming town with his gang. (COMIC: From the Horse's Mouth)

Three months after Jata came to Earth, the Twelfth Doctor found his crashed spaceship. He came to town a town that Currie's gang were committing a robbery in. While Currie's gang were robbing a train, the Doctor came to the tree which Jata was tied to. Jata willingly came with the Doctor and the Doctor left a regular white horse with a black star painted on its forehead in Jata's place. When Currie tried to consult the horse on how to escape from the town's sheriff, the horse didn't reply because it was a horse and Currie was caught.

The Doctor then offered to take Jata back to Osumare. (COMIC: From the Horse's Mouth) Along the way there, Jata told the Doctor that he was fascinated by educational systems, which prompted the Doctor to show Jata a school in 21st century England.

Doctor and Jata run from students

Jata suggests that the Doctor ride him while running from mind-altered students. (COMIC: Fear Buds)

At the school, Jata and the Doctor left the TARDIS to find themselves surrounded by zombie-like students. Jata let the Doctor ride on his back and they went to a church inside the school which several teachers were hiding in. The Doctor realised that one of the students was a Mkali and that he had sent out a signal that had interfered with the the brains of the students. The Doctor called the Mkali's mother and told her what her son had done. After the school was saved when she came and took away her son, several students petted Jata. (COMIC: Fear Buds)

Dacean wedding

Jata and the Doctor at a wedding on Dacea. (COMIC: Royal Wedding)

The Doctor then took Jata to Dacea to see its snow orchids. However, they arrived on the day of the marriage between King Syllience and Lady Arcanbryte and were mistaken for a couple going to the wedding. The ceremony was interrupted Lady Arcanbryte's pirate lover Bowack, who took her away from the wedding to his zeppelin in a flying sled. Jata followed the sled with the Doctor on his back and used his wings to get onto the zeppelin. There, they discovered that Arcanbryte had no feelings for King and was instead in love with Bowack. The King had followed them onto the Zeppelin and heard this. He too was not in love with Arcanbryte and used the opportunity to profess his love to his servant Dorella. They all returned to the royal castle and a double wedding was held. (COMIC: Royal Wedding)

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