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Corporal Jed Allum was an United States Marine stationed in Sydney for part of World War II. He was billeted at Mrs Harris's home.

He was walking outside with a girl he met at a dance when they heard an explosion in the harbour. On his way to his base, he met Private Kaunitz. Together they heard the USS Chicago return fire. Ten minutes later, they reported for duty and were told to stand steady. Allum became angry at the inaction, and a voice in his head said it would be better if he were in charge.

A sergeant arrived and told the men to stand down. Allum was so angry he wanted to punch the man. He and his men worked to pull debris and bodies out of the water. The voice in Allum's head became stronger, and he headed for the Gap, a cliff edge.

Allum took a car and continued his journey to find "the enemy". He saw an aboriginal woman climbing the cliff and left the car, chasing after her. He tackled her, but before he could harm her further, Ace hit him with a rock.

The Doctor later explained that Allum was one of many people who heard the voice telling them to find "the enemy". The Doctor said Allum would wake up with a headache and would think he had been mugged. (PROSE: Hymn of the City)