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Jeff Atkins was a man who worked in software in 1999. His wife was Ujwala and their son was Craig.

The family went to stay at Mrs Hutchings' guest house in what they thought was 1933. An alien posing as a guest, Mr Prentice, had placed the guest house in a kind of stasis so it would always be 1933 in Keelmouth. It affected the guests, too; they thought it was 1933. When the family arrived, some of the other guests were offended because Jeff's wife was Pakistani. The First Doctor tried to make them feel welcome, as did the Major.

When asked his occupation, Jeff replied that he worked in software, but then became confused. He became angry at Craig and hit him.

When the Doctor and Prentice set things to right, Jeff and the other residents had to adapt to living in 1999. (PROSE: Bide-a-Wee)

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