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Professor Jeffrey Broderick was the head of the Sen-Gen Facility. He was an old school friend of Sir Toby Kinsella. He stole the artificial intelligence research that Rachel Jensen had done at Cambridge to create the Sentient Engine Generation 2 computer (Sen-Gen). (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence) He had an obsession with Rachel, often talking about her to Sir Gideon Vale on social visits, (AUDIO: 1963: The Assassination Games) and even gave Sen-Gen her voice. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

Sen-Gen could telepathically influence people and made Broderick think Dr Nadia Červenka was a traitor, so he killed her. He was stopped before he could hurt anyone else. Broderick was then committed to a psychiatric institution. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence) It was a high security prison where he was a prisoner with Toby Kinsella and Ian Gilmore. He was drugged. He was needed by Sir Toby and Gilmore to aid in their escape. (AUDIO: The Keep)