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Jenny Flint

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Jenny Flint
Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Spouse: Vastra
First seen in: A Good Man Goes to War
Appearances: see list
Main actor: Catrin Stewart
Memorable moment
Trouble at Mill! - Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror - Series 7 - BBC02:14

Trouble at Mill! - Doctor Who - The Crimson Horror - Series 7 - BBC

Jenny Flint was the human maid and wife of the Silurian Madame Vastra. They operated from London in the late 19th century.


Early life

Prior to meeting the Doctor, Jenny had grown accustomed to a life of solitude — she was ostracised by her family due to her "preferences in companionship." Sometime before 1888 the Doctor "saved her life" when she and Vastra first met (TV: The Name of the Doctor) and by 1888, she was living with Madame Vastra in London. (WC: The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later)

The Battle of Demons Run


Jenny at Demons Run. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Among the many allies the Eleventh Doctor had recruited for the Battle of Demons Run, she along with her lover were among the few to survive the attack of the Headless Monks. She comforted Amy Pond afterwards. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Two days after the battle at Demons Run, Jenny and Vastra waited for the Sontaran Commander Strax to fully recover from the wound he'd suffered. When Strax awoke, he initially believed himself to be dead and was resistant to believe that he hadn't died honourably in battle. Jenny accused him of merely fainting. Jenny and Vastra asked him if he'd like to return to Victorian London with them. At first he refused, but accepted their offer at the last minute and left with them as Demons Run was being evacuated. (WC: The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later)

Defeating the Great Intelligence

Lizard Woman From The Dawn Of Time And Wife

Lizard woman and wife arrive to help. (TV: The Snowmen)

By Christmas 1892, Jenny and Vastra were married. Jenny and Vastra, alongside the Sontaran Strax, summoned the Doctor to the London of their time, asking for his assistance. The Doctor refused, claiming he had "retired." (TV: The Great Detective)

Jenny was involved in the defeat of Walter Simeon and the Great Intelligence. She and Vastra confronted Simeon. She later found Clara Oswald looking for the Doctor and took her to see Vastra. Clara explained the situation with one word for each question Vastra asked due to the fact that Vastra and Jenny had made her do the "One Word Test." Jenny later trapped the Ice Governess behind a force field and stayed with Vastra and Strax to guard the Latimer family, while the Doctor and Clara led the Ice Governess up to the Doctor's TARDIS. Jenny was also present for Clara's funeral after the Ice Governess killed her by pulling her off a cloud. (TV: The Snowmen)


Eleventh Doctor rescued by Jenny Flint The Crimson Horror

Jenny rescues the Eleventh Doctor from his imprisonment. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

In 1893, Mr Thursday came to Vastra so she could look at a photo of his deceased brother, Edmund. Realising Edmund's eyes showed an optogram of the Doctor, the trio headed north, where Jenny infiltrated Sweetville to find the Doctor. Picking locks inside the match factory, Jenny found the Doctor stiffened, his skin bright red from the red leech's "crimson horror". Jenny freed the Doctor from his imprisonment and he guided Jenny to a machine where he was cured of the affliction. After finding and reviving a version of Clara from the 21st century that was travelling with the Doctor, the Doctor, Clara and Jenny were saved from Mrs Gillyflower's pilgrims by Vastra and Strax.

Before Mrs Gillyflower could launch a rocket containing red leech poison, Vastra and Jenny prevented the venom from being put in the rocket. Angered by being unable to poison the world, Mrs Gillyflower attempted to shoot the Doctor and his friends. Strax shot at Mrs Gillyflower, causing her to fall to her death. Afterwards, Mrs Gillyflower's daughter, Ada crushed the leech Mrs Gillyflower was feeding off of, Mr Sweet. (TV: The Crimson Horror)


Jenny Flint murdered in conference call The Name of the Doctor

"So sorry...I think I've been murdered!" (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

In a dream-induced conference call with Jenny, Strax, Clara from 2013 and Professor River Song in the Library, Vastra showed that the murderer, Clarence DeMarco had said "The Doctor has a secret, you know. He has one he will take to the grave. And it is discovered." along with the space-time co-ordinates to Trenzalore, where his tomb was. The call was interrupted by Jenny's murder at the hands of the Whisper Men. River woke up Vastra and Strax, keeping the link with Clara. To get the attention of the Doctor, the Great Intelligence used the Whisper Men to take Strax, Vastra and Jenny's body to Trenzalore. Jenny was revived and River, unheard to the Intelligence, spoke the password to enter the tomb, the Doctor's name. Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline, the time winds shattering him into a million pieces, each echo of the Intelligence undoing every one of the Doctor's victories.

Jenny died in the new timeline without the Doctor, while Strax had forgotten his friendship with Vastra and became aggressive, forcing her to kill him. Clara reversed these effects by entering the timeline after the Intelligence, saving the Doctor wherever he went. The Doctor then decided to save Clara by entering his timeline himself, telling the Paternoster gang that the TARDIS could return them home with the fast return protocol if he didn't return. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)


Jenny had a romantic relationship with Vastra, despite the fact that she was a different species. (WC: Vastra Investigates, TV: The Snowmen) She seemed proud to be married to the Silurian, noting that Dr Simeon had never been married. This commitment to her marriage was further shown when the Doctor kissed her after she rescued him from Ada Gillyflower's cell, although he had no intentions other than to show his gleeful gratitude, Jenny promptly slapped him while clearly looking uncomfortable at the gesture. (TV: The Crimson Horror) Jenny showed jealousy when Vastra showed interest in others. Jenny was also quite sarcastic at times. For example, she replied, "Thank you," to Vastra's comment that mammals all looked alike. Her sarcastic nature was also shown when she said, "At your service," to Simeon. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War, The Snowmen)

Despite being a feisty and fierce warrior, Jenny was also compassionate and comforted Amy about the loss of her child. She also told Amy that it wasn't the Doctor's fault that Melody Pond had been kidnapped. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)


Jenny at Demon's Run

Jenny takes a guard hostage. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War)

Jenny was quite capable in combat — she survived the Battle of Demons Run without any injury. She displayed excellent skills with a sword during the battle, and was capable of using a blaster against Headless Monks. (TV: A Good Man Goes to War) She also fought off attackers in hand-to-hand combat when confronted in Sweetville. (TV: The Crimson Horror)

Behind the scenes


Since their first appearance, Vastra and Jenny became popular characters in fandom, with fans wishing for a spin-off series to be made based on their adventures. Steven Moffat addressed this, saying that he considered making a spin-off when he created the two characters, but wouldn't have the time, though he said he would like to revisit them.[1]

The Brilliant Book 2012

According to The Brilliant Book 2012, a book that contains non-narrative based information:

  • Jenny was a match girl when she first encountered Madame Vastra. She was being molested by a Chinese gang called the Tongs, from whom Vastra saved her.
  • On one occasion, Jenny helped the Doctor defeat a Kraal plot to replace Prince Bertie with an android duplicate while Vastra was in Egypt.
  • At one point, she and Vastra battled a pair of CyberNeomorphs in feudal Japan.
  • Following their return to their own time, Vastra and Jenny were added to the Papal Mainframe "most wanted" list.


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