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Miss Jerome was a biology teacher at Park Vale School. Clyde Langer, Rani Chandra and Luke Smith were in her biology class. In 2009, she assigned them a test which Clyde cheated on via Sarah Jane Smith's robotic dog, K9. She discovered K9 under Clyde's desk, but her attention was drawn to an unusual plant which had sprouted in her potting trays. When she went to investigate, she was blasted in the face by Rakweed spores and passed out in front of her terrified pupils. Sarah Jane and her gang managed to discover the weakness to sound the Rakweed possessed, and blasted noise all across London, destroying the Rakweed and curing its victims before they could succumb. Miss Jerome regained consciousness in her classroom, apparently somewhat confused by the bizarre events. (TV: The Gift)

According to Clyde, the sterile and plain the corridor of UNIT Base 5 smelled of ammonia or something similar, like Miss Jerome's science lab at school. (PROSE: Death of the Doctor)