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Jessica Collins
Jess Collins (The Highgate Horror)
Species: Human
Place of origin: England
Mother: Devina Collins
Father: Lloyd Collins
Brother: Maxwell Collins
First seen in: The Highgate Horror
Other appearances: COMIC: The Pestilent Heart, Moving In, Bloodsport

Jessica Collins was a woman who, in 1972, went with her boyfriend Dave to find out if the "Highgate Vampire" of Highgate Cemetery was real. Jess discovered a vampire creature, known as a Corvid had killed Dave by draining his psychic essence. Upon realising the cult leader Gabriel Rosewood had used his own followers as bait to easily manipulate so he could gain the Corvids' power, she called him sick, and pushed Rosewood into a tombstone to allow her and the Twelfth Doctor to escape. When the Doctor banished the Corvids to the Time Vortex, Clara Oswald insisted that the memory of Dave would help Jess when she went back to her normal life. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror)

Jess met the Doctor again six months later, and helped him to investigate an alien signal which was coming from Brixton Underground. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

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